At Republican Convention, County Executives Eye 2018 Race for Governor

CLEVELAND — While the buzz in Cleveland is about who will win the White House, a different buzz was taking place at a restaurant just down the street from the convention hall, where two potential candidates for governor held court: county executives Rob Astorino and Marc Molinaro.

“I think that’s kind of open-ended,” said Astorino, the Westchester County executive. “You know, everything formally happens in 2018 and we’ll see where the world is at that point. But I’m certainly leaving the door open. If anything, everything we’ve said in 2014 is coming to light now.”

Astorino ran for governor two years ago against Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo. While he didn’t win, Astorino says he remains proud of the campaign and, should he run again, wants more aggressive fundraising.

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