Lalor and Molinaro Compete for Charity

Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor and Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro will compete against each other for charity in the Walkway Marathon. The two elected officials will be participating in the half-marathon, with the loser donating $500 to the winner’s charity. Lalor will be competing for Julie’s Jungle and Molinaro will be competing for Abilities First. The race is scheduled forSunday, June 12th and starts at 7:00 AM.


“You are familiar with the tortoise and hare parable? I think this is going to be more like the tortoise and the tortoise,” said Lalor. “My goal is to complete all 13.1 miles in about two and a half hours. That said, come Hell or high water, I will beat the County Executive! In all seriousness, these are both fantastic charitable organizations, doing important work. I’m excited to join County Executive Molinaro to support them.”

“I’m thrilled and honored that Assemblyman Lalor has taken up the challenge to #RunWithMe in this weekend’s Walkway Marathon half-marathon along the Walkway Over the Hudson and the Dutchess Rail Trail for such a good cause,” said County Executive Molinaro. “Regardless of which of the two of us finishes first – though it will likely be me – either Abilities First or Julie’s Jungle will be the true winner, receiving a $500 donation from the runner-up. I thank Assemblyman Lalor for embracing our commitment to ‘Think DIFFERENTLY’ about local residents with special needs, and I look forward to running alongside himSunday; I may even give him a head start.”

Julie’s Jungle is a not-for-profit organization building an adaptive playground for children of all abilities in East Fishkill. You can donate here. Abilities First is a not-for-profit organization that provides people with disabilities and their families support to attain independence, self-determination, integration and acceptance by others through education, exploration and experience. You can donate here.

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